Small Beer - Lager

Small Beer - Lager

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Bright, crisp & fresh – this true lager delights!

The Original Small Beer Lager is a classic Pilsner-style lager with a citrus nose, stone fruit palate and a continental bite on the finish.

Tasting Notes: clean & crisp with a biscuity, citrus zing

2.1% ABV
74 calories per 350ml bottle
0.7 UK units per 350 ml bottle
Gluten Free

Ingredients: water, malted barley, oats, hops and yeast

Fun Fact: Our Lager is naturally gluten free due to the extensive time we store our beer, a process known as 'long lagering' (from the German word 'lager' meaning 'to store'). The industry standard lagering period is typically 4-6 days, whereas we store our Small Beer Lager for a minimum of 6-12 weeks. It is during this extended period of time that the yeast is able to break down the gluten to such low levels that it’s gluten free.