Caravan Coffee - Special Brü 1kg (Beans)

Caravan Coffee - Special Brü 1kg (Beans)

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Artisan specialty coffee. The finest beans from around the world, selected and roasted in London.

Special Bru 1kg Beans

Special Bru V.43
Component 1:
Jamison Savage, Panama – 50%

Component 2:
Sholi Cooperative, Rwanda – 50%

Tasting Notes: Red Plum, Lemon Candy, Honey Roasted Nuts

Profiled for filter, we QC to a ratio of 60g/L as a starting point for dialling in your batch or pour-over recipes.
If you wish to try this as espresso, go for a recipe of 18g in, 40g out, with shots from 30-35sec