About our offering


The pandemic has affected us all. Our customers are at home, workers aren’t in their offices, and our customers' customers aren’t visiting them. 

But our customers still have products they want to get to their audience, and their audiences still want their products at home. That’s where we thought: why not group together our clients, and deliver their produce to their customers. 

Since the start of lockdown all of us have struggled to get much of the good stuff we used to take for granted. A lot of our small business clients were in a similar position to us; who do they make the good stuff for now that London’s businesses have gone home? And the answer is ‘you’.

Our clients produce some of the best London has to offer - cheese from La Fromagerie, fresh meat from The Butchery, veg boxes from Ted in Borough Market, and some gorgeous booze from the likes of Toast Ale, Brixton Beer and East London Liquor (and many, many more). This is the kind of quality you can’t find in your local supermarket, but of course, you can in ours (and you don’t have to queue for an hour to get it). And if there’s something you can’t see that you want - suggest it and we’ll do our best to bring it to you.

Brought to You by Pedal Me - delivering groceries from the best small businesses, making a big difference to you.